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Video contest , top prize ipad!!

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    There is a video contest,no entry cost, top prize is an iPad, check it out:

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    Looks like another one of those popularity contests…

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    my dog could win it!

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    Next to no details as to what the contest is and they couldn’t bother to set up the link properly. If you want an ‘i-thingy’ so bad, save your money (your identity, time, resources) and buy one.

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    wait-a-dog-gone-minute-there….. R U sayin my dog might have his identity stolen, by scam artists? R U sayin the contest is Phoney? Oh well, he only wanted the ipad to play frisbee with anyways… Multitouch doesn’t really work all that well with paws and a layer of slobber…

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    “Oh well, he only wanted the ipad to play frisbee with anyways…”


    It worked out anyway. iPad’s are made in China and they probably still haven’t worked out that whole ‘Melamine’ thing yet….

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    The contest page is on <<<< see the link šŸ˜‰

    Some submissions are on the site already and on YouTube, this is not a popularity contest based on creativity and talent….its not about just the iPad its about the national exposure.

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    Just a question that always comes to my mind when seeing things like this – Shpookle, are you in any way associated with Tori? She registered and for her first and only posting started this thread, making it appear that she was in no way associated with the contest or website. Then two days later, Shplookle registers here and for their first and only message starts defending the contest.

    We (moderators and members alike) see a LOT of what is known as astroturfing, and while I cannot speak for anyone besides myself, I feel it drains legitimacy from the post. Yes, the contest may be legit but we see this type of post all the time and for anyone to not be up front about promotion (which I have no problem with as long as you’re honest about it) really raises hackles.

    Just MHO

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    “…we see this type of post all the time….”

    Shpoonkle, Tori or whoever you are,

    Not to mention, all that ‘it’s about the national exposure’ is BS. The people who benefit from these contests are the promoters of the contest. Yes, there may be some exposure as people watch the videos, but it is the contest host that gets the lion’s share of free publicity.

    Making videos costs time, money and effort. An expectation of reasonable compensation is not unreasonable. When someone enters a contest for an item they could purchase themselves, in my view that is not reasonable compensation as that is not equal value to the amount of money, time and effort put forth to make the video.

    Now if you plan on promoting the winning video other than just by passively placing it on your site, then that would be reasonable depending on how, where and when you do it. But I’d bet my own money, you have no plans to do any of that. In fact, it may be that no one ever receives said iPad 2 as the contest winner and there may be no way to verify that. Meantime, you’ll have received dozens if not hundreds of free videos to use as you will to provide content for your site.

    It’s a typical marketing ploy that’s been around for a long time so don’t try and get bent defending your tactics. It’s like ‘Cat said, we’ve seen it all before….

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     Curiosity question

    Why would a Legal Advice Website “Shpoonkle, Justice You Can Afford” ( ) want to sponsor a video contest with the results based on popularity votes from the video’s viewers?

    Layman here but being a Legal advice source, I would think there entry rules are a little too short and lacking in definition. I would think there would be ten pages of instructions with copyright warnings, leagal rights to entries/winners entry and such. I guess what has me concerned is “where is all the leagaleez that usually fleshes out these contest rules?

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