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How to import video into pc?

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    Hello all, I made a video of my business on a JVC Everio camcorder, now I am trying to transfer the video to my pc to upload on youtube. I called up JVC and was told that I have to first download the Cyberlink software which I did, I connected the cam to my pc but I don’t know what to do next, help please?

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    Im assuming you have a built in hard drive. Correct? If so did you turn on the camcorder and select the “playback to pc”. Auto play identifying the device should appear then select the program you would like to download it with. I have a cheap consumer JVC Everio and that is how I download it. Hope that helps.

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    When you say builtin Hard drive, you mean on the my pc? If so then yes. Problem is I don’t know how to use this videocam which is not mine but yes I do see that option “playback on pc” highlighted on the screen but don’t know which buttons to press to do what you’ve stated, I tried pressing the large “Select/Play/Rec” button on the camera itself but this changes the screen.

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    No I meant on the camcorder. Does it record to mini dv, an memory card, or have a hard drive built into the camera? On mine I need to press the middle button to the left of the LCD (on the flip out screen itself) it is a button that also works sorta like a joystick but it can be pressed down and that is what will bring up auto play on your computer. What is the model number and I can verify if that is the same as mine.

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    Mike –

    There should be a USB port on the camera – just hook it up to your PC, it will let you see the Everio HD as an external and you then just copy the video files from the camera to the PC

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    Model number is GZ-MG157U, don’t know if it records internally on to any media, bought a Memory card for that purpose but JVC tech said it cannot record unto the card which is why I came here to this forum. Anyway, pressing the “joystick” button and connecting the USB works so almost there, I am now able to see and play the video on my pc via Windows Medial Player, any idea how I can record the video unto my hard drive to upload on youtube please?

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    Actually, think I should be able to simply copy and paste to have the video on my Hard Drive but problem now is that I am not my video show up anymore? Before viewing the video I recorded on my pc, 4 folders from the videocam would show up, now I am only seeing one folder and this only happened after I viewed the video I had recorded, any ideas of how I can get the 4 folders to show again?

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    So you have the same one I have (even tho I dont use it anymore) so that means it has a built in hard drive. That is much easier than mini dv. Once your computer recognizes the device and brings it up in auto play (provided you have that on) just choose “download images and videos”. Next choose the destination folder then press “import”. Done. If auto play does not come up just go into “my computer/Everio HDD/” your videos should be in there. Just copy and paste and your good to go. You dont need cyberlink. I have never used or downloaded it and have downloaded videos to several different pcs over the years.

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    Ok, got it done, thanks. Other problem now is how to use these movie clips for youtube? They are in a format with the extension .MOD and I have about 25 clips, I need to make them show in sequence without gaps in between them or have them crossfade, is that possible please?

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    Mike, you mentioned that you have downloaded Cyberlink software, I’m not familiar with this software but this should be the video editing software that you need to take your 25 movie clips and edit them together to make a continous clip with crossfades or other effects. You should then be able to output it in the format needed to youtube. Perhaps someone that is familiar with the Cyberlink software (let usknow the name of the version that you downloaded) can help with some suggestions.

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    I downloaded Cyberlink Power Director but of course there is a big learning curve and I tried joining the cyberlink forums but having login problems.

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    If you have a windows you should have windows movie maker installed on it already. If not you can download if for free. Its nothing special and dont expect a fancy outcome but it is very simple to use and you can add crossfades, titles, and music.

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    I just tried it but there are 2 file types for each video clip which came from the JVC camcorder MOV and MOI, the MOV imports into Windows Movie Maker but does not show I am guessing without the MOI file, the MOI files cannot import giving this error message :

    The file C:picsvonvideoMOV001.MOI cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again.

    Do you have these same 2 file types [Mov and MOI] coming from yuor same camcorder please?

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    I got it done using the Cyberlink software after all, converted all files to .avi and used the software’s “combine” feature to save as one video file, appreciate the help everyone.

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    Hey glad to help! I checked with movie maker and it worked no problem. Properties show the file is written on MOD. Must be the program it was imported in or a setting on your camera. Anyway glad you found a way to make something work.

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