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FCP 7 making it’s own clips

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    Whjen I try to capture a long clip (45 minutes or so, from a JVC GY-HD200 camcorder/mini-DV tape format),FCP breaks it into two clips, with around seven seconds missing in the middle. This has happened when I capture using Intermediate Codec, as well as setting in/out points with a 720p30 Sequence Preset.

    How do I fix this?

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    hmm…i’ve never heard this problem, but I’ll take a shot at it.

    First go to Applications > Utilities > DisK Utility. Open Disk Utility and make sure the drive you are capturing your media to is formatted for Mac OS Extended. (actually, all your drives should be formatted to this)

    If your drives are already formatted for Mac OS Extended go to FCP. Go to Final Cut Pro > System Settings. Go to the Scratch Disk tab. At the bottom this is an option labeled, “Limit Capture/Export File Segment Size To:” Make sure you DO NOT have that box checked.

    Actually, make sure BOTH of those boxes at the bottom are UNCHECKED

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    Yes, both those boxes are unchecked. Thanks.

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    So both of those boxes are uncheck and your hard drives are formatted correctly? hmm…weird.

    Have you tried trashing your preferences? This basically resets FCP when it’s acting wacky

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    Do I find them in the library?

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    My capture drive _is_ formatted Mac Os Extended (Journaled)

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    Sorry, Preferences is located in:

    Home > Library > Preferences > Final Cut Pro User Data. Only delete “Final Cut Pro ‘X.X’ Prefs.fcset” If you delete those Cache files, you’ll have to reinstall FCP

    Be aware that after you trash the prefs, you’re going to have to set up FCP again…scratch drive location, a/v settings, any of those option in those menus.

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    Thanks. Did that too, still no joy. I ended up capturing in 15-minute increments and stitching it together on the timeline. JVC has a firmware update I’m about to try.

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    Just an FYI for others experiencing this issue: I seemed to have solved it by shooting in Drop Frame mode.

    Previously I’d been shooting Non-Drop, and I guess when the inevitable discrepancy builds up, FCP hiccups and starts a new clip.

    I was able to capture an hour long clip with no breaks, just using the regular 720p60 Sequence Preset.

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    How do I format a drive in Mac OS X ?

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    Do you mean an external drive?

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    You format any drive using Disk Utility. The program is located in Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.

    One the left had side, choose the hard drive you want to format.

    Choose the “Erase” Pane

    Change the Volume Format to Mac OS Extended.

    Then click Erase.

    If you have data on your hard drive, be sure to back it up before you erase/format the drive.

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