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    I need some help! (newbe)

    I do video as family only projects and use 2 low end editors. ( IE:… Corel X5 and Adobe PE 10 )

    They are not able to fix my problem or I just do not have enough knowledge to use them.


    I have a clip taken from a VHS tape that was created Approx 1954. It was 8mm film taken 1953 then put on VHS.

    It was filmed in available light that was very poor and the video is very dark.

    It is my Grandparents 50 th anniversary and nothing else exists but this.

    I need to make it presentable as possible.

    I have a copy of the clip on my FTP Server


    User Name:……… darkvideo


    Any info or help would be welcome

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    Your link doesn’t work…

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    I can’t get a directory listing using filezilla either.

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    Without seeing the footage, there is only so much I can suggest. What you should first aim to do is brighten the video using your color correction or luma correction tools. You’ll notice that the image will probably wash out, and the noise level will increase. You can regain some color fidelity with the saturation control, but noise is much more difficult to remove. There are plugins like Neat Video’s Noise reducer that will help reduce noise.

    Just like dealing with a thin film negative…there is only so much you’ll be able to ‘fix’.

    Perhaps you can post the footage up on Vimeo in a high-quality H264 compression, and allow us to download it in an attempt to help.

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    I use WinSCP, I just checked it.

    All is working fine.

    File is called 50th_1.avi

    Access is FTP Protocol Port 21


    User Name:……… darkvideo


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    I downloaded WinSCP and it found it just fine. James, there is a lot of space in that video that there just isn’t any information recorded (its just black). I’ll play with it and see what if anything I can recover from the shadows but the best hope would to have the original film to work with.

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    I will be watching and hopeing someone that is a pro can help.

    As I said previous……… “It is my Grandparents 50 th anniversary and nothing else exists but this.”

    I tred to get the 8mm film from a cousin whos father filmed it. He said that stuff was long gone !

    I am 74 years old and trying to preserve family history.

    It is not important to some folks, however it is to me to be able to show my Grand and Great Grands long deceased family that they never seen.

    I really want to thank in advance all that try.


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    “It is not important to some folks, however it is to me to be able to show my Grand and Great Grands long deceased family that they never seen. “

    It’s a sad fact that so many folks begin to get interested in their family history after the preceeding generation has passed on. Maybe more recent interest has been stirred by the TV program, ” Who Do You Think You ARE ? ” Since retiring I have had the opportunity to ” restore ” some audio recordings for several folks who had an audio cassette or 1/4″ r2r tape which represented the only surviving example of the voice of some relative who had died some time ago. I was happy to digitize and tinker with the recordings ( some were VERY bad ) and then burn some CD’s for the surviving family members ( for which I did not charge ).

    I realize that restoration in the video realm is not quite as easy or inexpensive; and I realize that most here are hoping to generate income . . . . but I see it a bit differently in that a successful restoration can generate boat-loads of good will and word-of-mouth references. I also think it’s the right thing to do.

    Rick Crampton

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    Strange you talk about Audio

    My whole quest started with an audio recording from a cheap recorder my father recorded his past as far back as he could remember.
    World War 1 and 2. Depression etc. He was Born 1908 and deceased 1998.

    My family video script starts with much research of family tree back to 1700’s England. It flows down through my male DNA line. It is not at all encompassing tree for the total tree is very large.

    I will be using much of dads audio with old photos and digitized film, VHS tapes video, analog video, and Video I have taken current years with my Canon HV20.

    This dark video I found on a VHS tape dad had in his dresser drawer. The audio tape was still in the recorder.

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    Jim, I gave it a quick attempt during this mornings coffee. I was able to pull a little out of the shadows but as I was afraid, there just isn’t any detail in the footage that would enhance recognizable images of the people.

    In brightening the footage you introduce and enhancement to the visual noise and then it becomes a battle of balance for that because anything you do to manage the noise would again effect any detail and when your looking for those small amounts of detail, they become lost in the noise reduction process. It also introduces some flickering and color issues.

    I dropped the contrast a bit, adjusted color slightly and gave it just a touch of noise reduction after brightening but quickly reached a point where anything I did would just effect what I had just done. I’m sure I could get just a little more out of it but that would be with quite a bit of time invested and I don’t think it would be enough to actually do anything to bring out facial details so that you could recognize people.

    I uploaded it to my youtube but its not public, you have to have the link to see it. This is a side by side so you can see the difference in what little I did.

    </i>If anyone else would like to give it a go and can’t connect via FTP, shoot me a email in a pm and I’ll send the original file via yousendit.

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    Your video looks much better. Please send yours back to my server with a new name so it will not overwrite.

    Are you working with a MAC or a PC ?

    What is the software you use ? and how steep is the learning curve ?

    My Equip is a PC Dedicated for Video only!
    Motherboard Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    12 gb Ram
    GPU PNY FX1800
    Win 7 Ultimate


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    Hi Jim,

    Glad you think its some improvement but sorry I couldn’t do more. I’ve tried a couple times to add it to your FTP account but the WinSCP is giving me fits and keeps timing out. If you can messege me an email or post one here I’ll use Yousendit to get it to you.

    I used After effects cs5 on my laptop, windows 7 OS. I did use Color Finesse 3 that comes with AE in the CS5 suite. Not really a steep learning curve anymore, lots of tutorials on line to get people up to speed fast.

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    My EMail is

    I live in Dallas TX, BTW I forgot to include the processor is a I7 in my PC.

    Hardware I do know having been doing PC’s from when a XT Turbo was the fastest PC going early 1980s

    Thanks again


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    You should have a email coming from Yousendit Jim. It will have a link for the download, which may be around 40-45 minutes as it is straight AVI and not compressed.

    Sorry it wasn’t more


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    Got the file.

    Thanks again Jim


    Any one else want to try ! I bet Woody would say it is a Challenge and a test of skills

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    Hey Woody, nice rescue job. Sure looks a lot better than it did when you started with it. On this kind of mission you can’t worry about niceties such as crushed blacks. That you were able to bring it all up to a viewable condition is great work.



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    Thanks Jack. I actually enjoy doing restoration work on video, though most that I do is more centered around color correction and then managing visual noise. I would have loved there to be enough information to take this from a “B” role type quality to where faces could have been recognized but you can only work with the information that is there.

    Still, I’ll always step outside the comfort zone to learn something.

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